Interface NFCTagType4NDEFRecord

Abstraction for the internal NDEF record.

NOTE: Not all the NDEF record types specified by NFC Forum are supported for now. Find out the currently supported types here.


  • NFCTagType4NDEFRecord



content: string

The content of a message.

Related to declared type.

  • when type === NFCTagType4NDEFContentType.Text, it should be a plain text (language declared in en)
    Example: Hello NFC World.
  • when type === NFCTagType4NDEFContentType.URL, it should be the URL (remember that URL address is such address, which should include the protocol).

The NDEF type: text or url.

Use the values from NFCTagType4NDEFContentType.

writable: boolean

Defines if the tag is writable.

If true, it can be overwritten by calling the adequate APDUs by the card reader. The application property of the current session can change in any time. For notification purposes, session will receive the specific events (that events of course will not fire, when application is in the background or the main activity is not running at all).

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